Gold, Oil, and Diamonds G.O.D.

The shiny object women kill for.

4 thoughts on “Gold, Oil, and Diamonds G.O.D.

  1. i use a diamond cutter on my plumbing exploits as most eligible blue collar joe. i have blue ring bird. family jewels. i have to take at least one more acting lesson. marry me nancy lazzano. be my pink lady. i’m sorry i crashed and burned at the club i was brainwashed by this bird to wait for U in her demonic song. u see nancy, jezebel, lilith, christa, fatima has eye on me. eye on hand becuz of catcher in the rye. she wants me to stop sticks and stones of 2d screen illusion. this is supposed to be smelly nelly smell o rama like count floyd in sctv. all about the bird and her Jewish ancestors. Everyone wants tales from the crypto especially alex jones and his chosen ones in a higher dimension of reality


  2. gold and diamonds to adorn the elite. oil to run their cars. no god in this first world. my gf in croatia had her pixie cut becuz shampoo was too expensive not as political statement. how u like them sticks and stones bird? U want it shut down? rihanna wants it shut down

    shut it down
    shut it down
    our holy kingdom is divine


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